Friday, April 15, 2011

What Would You Do?

I wrote this blog many years ago under another alias.  One of my friends told me about this news story:
A corrections officer from Florida was calling up fast food restaurants claiming to be a local cop and telling supervisors to hold and question employees about a fake crime that they had supposedly committed. In one case at a McDonalds, the supervisor made a 17 year old girl take off all of her clothes and then let her boyfriend (not an employee) rape the girl because that's what the "detective" told the boyfriend to do.  So the boyfriend did it.  We have been conditioned from birth to follow blindly the orders of authority.  Even the most horrible orders won’t make the ordinary man question what he is being asked to do.
At the time, a man had just killed himself over the internet.  He announced it.  Everyone went on his website to watch it happen.  He took pills.  He could have been saved.  People laughed about it.  Finally, someone notified the moderator of the site who found his location and called the officials.  The police came in to find him dead.  People were watching this happen on the web.  Some people were shocked, others laughed.  Thousands of people witnessed a man dying on the internet and just one person made an attempt to contact the moderator. 

I recall an incident in Vietnam.  I can't remember what it was called.  A group of soldiers were told to raid a village in search of spies.  They found none.  But they were so frustrated from dealing with the conditions they were dealt with in Nam that they violated the people in the village.  They took everyone, man, woman, children alike; and put them in a ditch to die.  One man, who flew a helicopter, saved the day.  He said he'd shoot anyone who'd harm those people and he managed to set them free.  Interestingly enough someone emerged a hero, though at the time, he might have appeared a traitor.  I’ve heard many versions of this story.  Even though many soldiers were guilty for brutally murdering innocent people, only one man was persecuted.  He was the scapegoat.  I also heard that these soldiers were following orders. If this is so, then why did the officials get of scot free?  So now the question is, are we right to just follow orders?  As innocent as it seems to be a blind follower of authority, there is something quite evil about choosing to remain ignorant.

I dealt with bullies growing up.  No, they never picked on me.  They picked on my friends and it seemed I was the only one to stick up for them while everyone else stood around and watched.  I even attacked a group of kids who were pestering my friend while other friends just looked on for entertainment.  They ran away.  This happened in the fourth grade.  In Junior High something similar happened, but this time, the crowd was bigger.  All they did was watch a friend of mine getting pestered by another girl.  I told them they should be ashamed of themselves.

We need to stop and think about how we laugh, ridicule, judge and kill people.  Whether it is someone committing suicide on the net, or a kid being bullied at school, or innocent people being tortured in a war, or a loving couple who simply want to get married, we have to be courageous and speak our truth.  Maybe speaking the truth won't do anything.  But it's better than nothing.  I'm starting to realize that now.  Why live my life just being a peon?
What would you do?  How easy it is to stop what is wrong.  But most people stand around, watch, laugh, and do nothing.  What would you do? 

An experiment in the seventies was conducted.  They told people to give someone electric shocks in another room.  the person would be screaming in pain, begging for them to stop, but when told to keep going, the subjects continued to inflict pain.  It was all rigged but the large majority of the people continued to do what was told to them even though they could hear that it could be torturing or harming another.  It was an experiment on the power of authority.  Who are you?  Are you the kind of person who would keep pushing the button just because that was what you were told?  People think they wouldn't.  People think they know right from wrong.  But when tested, the results are quite contradictory.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It’s interesting to get feedback on my book.  I’ve had some reviewers even contradict each other when it comes to what they liked and didn’t like about my novella.  All in all, it’s been a sweet ride.  Everyone was entertained by the book and some people were pleasantly surprised at the erotic descriptions and deep plotline.  The list below contains all of the news media I am familiar with regarding “Fireflies” by Lacey Reah.  I tried not to leave anyone out.  I’m very grateful for those who took the time to write about my novella.

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Check out some links to recent book reviews by some great book bloggers below:
Wow...If you enjoy a world of fantasy and a story wrought with imagination, this is the book for you. The author builds a world that is not only full of sexual tension and description; but one in which a fantasy unfolds like no other I have ever read. Lacey keeps you on the edge of your seat and you wonder where she will take you next.
I finished this book in one day; I think that says a lot about a book. I just wanted to know what would happen with Linda, how she would cope with her new life and what she would do next. I love the way this book is written, it just sucks you in and won’t even let you go after you read the last sentence... There are a lot of erotic scenes in this book, but they are so beautifully written.

Fireflies is not your typical, run-of-the-mill vampire story – for such a short read, it’s surprisingly deep, and entirely satisfying…Fireflies is a story that engages the reader physically, emotionally, and intellectually…
Whether she chooses to revisit the fireflies and Nymphomites again, or takes her talents in a completely different direction, Lacey Reah is certainly an author to keep an eye on…

Lacey manages to turn a smut piece of vampire erotica into a genre-transcending work of hot, sexual philosophy and unflinchingly bares for us men the mysteries of the fairer sex… It’s a story of a dark descent, a black nirvana that leaves you hungry for more. You’ll be warmed and chilled in equal measure. Above all, keep a box of tissues handy because it is a very sexy book

The fast pace of the book can at times be confusing but the imagery that Lacey paints with her words is wonderful. At times I felt as if I was seeing what Linda was seeing and feeling what the other minor characters of the book were feeling. There is a lot of sexual acts in the book, but not so many that it takes away from anything in the book, a lot of the more graphic parts are really skipped over which is a great thing ( makes you imagine what you think is happening). The wording of the sexual scenes aren't graphic and Lacey uses so many different words to describe the anatomy  instead of the more common words used, which makes for a safer read in my opinion.
Now, I don’t want to give the plot away, but trust me, if you like vampire erotica, Lacey is a talented author who can deliver a climatic storyline and this book will be a worthy addition to your bookcase.

Lacey Reah’s novella Fireflies is an erotic story of horror and humanity that puts a rather sexy yet terrifying spin on what it means to be human. Reah presents us with an interesting take on the basic vampire, only the blood they suck must be during orgasm or else it does not work. Instead of romanticizing Linda’s life as something strange and wonderful, the story quickly shows the reality of living solely off the blood of the aroused, carefully straddling the realms of horror and drama without becoming too gruesome. Fans of the unconventional bisexual vampire will delight in Reah’s debut into fiction.

Very original and not a story line I have heard of before. The ending leaves you wanting more.  This book is amazing and leaves you speechless.

When I was a kid I found fireflies very fascinating and when I was in my aunt’s house, in mountain, I couldn’t wait to see them and every night it was an exciting event. Now, after reading this book I’m totally intrigued about them!

It isn't easy to make a sympathetic character out of someone who happily sucks the blood out of anybody who looks like easy prey, but Reah pulls it off pretty well. Linda is pretty much doomed from the beginning, and by the second half of the story, you wish there was some way out for her, despite her easy adoption of her new bloody appetite.